Reggie McLeod had it all, just like the song “Key Largo.” Even seven years after her husband Frank failed to return home from a day of fishing; she had a successful business and beautiful daughter, and a plan.  It was time to move on, have Frank declared deceased, and move her budding daughter from gator-hunter country to a town with more kids Nora's age.  Girl kids that is.  But just as she is about to make her move, a new service contract spits out of her fax machine.  A contract that offers more money than she could begin to turn down.  The bad news is the contract is for the nefarious Brower House buried deep in the Everglades. 

Uninhabited for fifty years, with no utilities, and rumored to be haunted, the contract specified making the house once again inhabitable.  For Reggie it was a cake walk.  She had a crew of twenty five with enough equipment to get the job done weeks ahead of schedule until the morning the spirits made themselves known and her crew refused to return to the property.  Since her crew had most of the heavy lifting done Reggie takes on the job alone but she can't decide who is the bigger pain, the spirits or the owner's grandson, Nick Brower.  But Reggie is in for the shock of her life even above the spirits when her new nemesis bares an impossible resemblance to her missing husband.

Nick Brower: a Wall Street giant, most eligible bachelor, a very contented man.  Until, that is, he gets a phone call from his grandmother, whom he'd thought was dead, filing her legal claim on the long abandon Brower Everglades property.  Not only was she very much alive, her sudden appearance sends his mother into an emotional tail-spin, and the long forgotten story of deceit and murder unfolds through the emotionally tortured mind of the girl now woman who had been the only witness to murder.

Getting few answers from the Everglades National Forest Maintenance company, Nick, a man of action, decides to take matters into his own hands.  His uncomfortable trip down the eastern seaboard is rattled with storms but its nothing like the storm he faces when he realizes Reggie McLeod might have been one that got away.

From the author: 

"I've wanted to write a ghost story for a very long time.  Moving to Naples, Florida and exploring the Everglades was my
inspiration.  I liked using the Nick and Nora being an old movie buff myself, but I have to say the Frank McLeod addition was a stroke of geinus brought on by one too many wines over a couple of old movies. This was a really fun story to write, it's now in finl rewrite so it will be available soon, both smashwords and creatspace."
Colleen McLain
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