When Kelly Callahan took over the Do Drop Inn three years
ago she changed the name to Dew Drop Inn and there was
plenty of renovation to be done.  The hopelessly damaged,
politically incorrect and outdated painting of a cartoon Voyager
chasing a young Betty-Boopish Indian maid was transformed
into a figure of a young, fit, handsome Frenchman.  Here began
her problems with the new sheriff of Callahan Falls.  Problem
one: the young, fit, handsomely painted figure struck a
remarkable resemblance to Sheriff Matt Adams. 
Problem two & three: the lovely, young Native American
woman to whom he was making amorous overtures wore Kelly's
green eyes, a come-on look and not much else.  While her too-
fair-for Native American skin was supposed to be covered with
a buckskin dress, the artist had given her a barely-there, Disney
Pocahontas styled off-the-shoulder number highlighted by the
crystal droplet that dangled at her throat from a leather thong,
suggestive enough to make the sheriff think she was opening a
brothel instead of a bar.
    However, the painter was so enthralled with the beauty of his creation; he offered to cut his fee in half
simply for the pleasure of driving past the bar and seeing it displayed to the world. inal innocent drawing
Kelly had in mind, so she asked the painter to repaint it. 
Of course, after two angry rounds with the sheriff, and Kelly being every bit as Irish as she sounded, not to
mention a businesswoman at heart, she decided it was just what the up-tight, small county, by-the-book,
pain in the ass lawman needed and had the sign hung.  That was two years ago, and while the toe-to-toe
stand-offs had somewhat subsided, the battle raged on, right up to the evening he grazed her with his kiss, as
kiss as far as he was concerned was not only just what she needed it was long over due...
Amid flying bullets, bears, bar room brawls this unlikely couple have been in love for years... they just don’t
know it yet... and if Nathaniel Lucas has anything to say about it, they’ll both die before they find out.
From the author:

Having lived in Minnesota and made several trips to the Boudary Waters Canoe Area I found it was a wonderful place to set a love story.  Dream Walking was rewritten a number of times and my orginal characters replaced a few more.  I think Kelly and Matt were really made for each other.  This final version is a long way from the orginal,  but I really enjoyed creating this story.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  You can find Dream Walkin'  on smashwords  in any ebook format, or print on demand Createspace which I am still proofing.
Colleen McLain
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