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China Blue

Orphaned and alone at a young age China's guardian planned her future well. 
A little too well.  The insurance her parents left her was invested and by the time
she was twenty one she had more than enough money to pursue her dreams. 
She bought a dive shop, and years later created  island resort paradise.  No longer alone,
the cusp of happiness, engaged to Sothby's top Miami sales agent,  her employees trick her
into crewing a dive so she can see what her fiancee is really about.
Crushed by the knowledge that before she is even married she's been disgraced, and
everyone in Miami knew about it...  but her. 
To save grace and face  she switches places with her head divemaster on her newly
formed vacation cooperative New Isle Royal Resort.  In the middle of her first night she
gets more than she bargained for, a midnight visit from her manager's run around lover.

Martin Pearlman late of  Australia is a world famous shark wrangler.  Once hired by the
creators of the most harrowing of underwater blockbuster movies, he is now in hiding. 
First from from one very jealous husband who has threatened him with castration, and
the other a secret which if discovered by some would lead to his death.  He needs a cover
to work things out and China's Blue Water Dive Shop  is just the ticket.  Of course now
that he has blundered his way into her bed, he can't get her body out of his mind.

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ReAnna and Bully met and married somewhere around five hundred BC.  They shared a
year of adventures before Bully was called to war, and ReAnna, deeply in love with the
man,  waits eight long years for his return, but her neighbors' soon began to gossip about
her ever youthful appearance, and she knows she had to move on without her beloved. 
She didn't know how she would explain that she was one of the cursed to him anyway. 
She had the curse of immortlity.  For a woman it was fate worse than her improbable
death.  How can a woman forge a lasting relationship when she had to bolt every five
years or so, taking what she can to survive to the next marriage proposal.
ReAnna's survial depends on her cunning, her sexapeal and her ability to disguise her
curse.  Never an easy task.    Fifty years later on a lovely summer day, ReAnna reclined on
the devan at the baths of Babylon fending off advances with an admiring senator, when a
hush falls over the open bath, ReAnna naturally follows the gaze of every woman in the
room, only to behold her husband, not aged a day in the last 17,000 days.  Reunited Bully
and ReAnna have only a short few hundred years together when arch enemy Rieanton,
another immortal with evil plans for the future of the humans, snatches ReAnna and her
memory.   Bully now travels time alone searching for his beloved and she has managed to
find a media to tell him where she is, even though she doesnt know it.
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Title still in limbo.....  Possibly: Diamond Girl

Angelic Adrian Ames better known as Trey, A, and Angel, ophaned at the late age of 25
was raised in a commune in southern Florida.  The city of Chance was named for the
founder of the commune, her father.  With her background in silversmithing  Angelic
wanders from the commune and her painfuil memories to the civilized town of Chance
proper where she is befriended by a old watchmaker and jeweler.  Together she and the
old man find a fortune in lost crown jewels belonging to the Italian empire, missing since
World War Two.   

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Afton; City girl Afton is reassigned to head anchor at a very remote, wilderness TV
station.  Contemporary romance
Amanda;  When a white woman is discovered in a slave raid in Africa,  the captain
decides he has a prize for auction, however the blackbirder is stopped by the Kings
Floatilla hunting slavers Amanda Collinsworth finds herself in even more danger 
Historical romance
Gina; contemporary romance High Action, serial killer
Druzy Poole:  English Historical WW1
Cassie's Cay (which needs new title) Contemporary romance, coming of age for women
Genevieve:  a clumsy attempt at erotica
Penny:  A chance meeting and love at first sight between two investigative photo
journalists turns to intrige.
An American Dream:  7 works mates at a paradise island resort win the lottory and buy
an mansion.
Listen to the Voices:  A rookie cop learns to listen to the voices that keep her alive.
Colleen McLain
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