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Nothing beats the thrill of seeing your editor's number on your caller ID.    Except we didn't have caller ID then.  I did however get a message on my answering machine...  "Colleen, It's Anne, Loved your book ...  call me let's talk about a contract!

Yeah!  Castaway is out of print now, and rights have been returned to me, I am deciding if I should transcribe it and indie publish or resubmit to another publisher.

If I, I transcribe, the title will return to the orginal title "On Crystal Wings"
After many long years alone, shipwrecked on an uncharted desert island, beautiful Honey James had no memory of her past or even her name, but the resourceful castaway knew her own mind! When handsome sea captain Christopher Ames rescued her and took her aboard his ship, Honey felt a jolt of passion at his first fiery kiss. And when he patiently explained that he was taking her back to England to become a civilized and well-tutored lady, Honey knew in an instant that the only education she craved was an intensive course in caressing and a chance to pass love's ultimate test, then apply her newly learned lessons all night long - in Chris's arms!
Christopher Ames thought he knew every league of his ship's waterways, but when the Wing Master was blown off course into the tropical southern seas, he found his maps were less than accurate - and need to explore the lush uncharted island that appeared on the horizon. Then, an astonishing vision appeared: standing on a rock, flaxen hair billowing around her barely-clad curves, stood every sailor's dream come true - a beautiful castaway! One searing kiss from the pliant, velvety minx, and Chris knew that he must possess her, no matter what the difficulties might be. Somehow he would sample the rapturous delight of her sun-kissed body, weave his fingers through her silvery windswept hair and carry her to the height of passion's ecstasy!
Colleen McLain
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