Born and raised in Minnesota, I wasn't a very popular girl, my shyness kept me isolated which is why I started reading, and then writing. My first novel was a 3rd graders idea of adventure. Trixie Beldon influnced me greatly, but as you can guess while the story was strong the writing weak. Since then (29 years later) I was picked up by Kensington press, a short lived success. Although Castaway Heart did very well.  When my editor left, my stable option was not picked up and other editors didn't like my work. After a few submissions to other publishers and rejection after rejection I lay my pen down for a while.
A week later I was back at it only this time I forgot the historicals which I never really wanted to write anyway. Dream Walkin' has earned 5 five stars on Amazon, and 2 five stars on B&N, 4 of 4 stars on line book club. Castaway Heart has 3 of four stars on We love romance. Just Like in Key Largo is my next to be published and the previews I set up on Goodreads looks promising.

I often wish I could be one of those who write Nobel prize worthy work, write something more than as my friends call "fluff" but then I am reminded by others that "fluff" is feel good work for those who need a break from everyday life, and that the creator of 007 is also the creator Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So who says there may not be some Nobel idea lurking between the next two books.

Dream Walkin', my latest creation, is available on Amazon for a whopping $2.99, or on Amazon print on demand.  And smashwords in all ebook formats.

I am on the final chapter of Just Like in Key Largo, a fun little ghost story, which I hope to have up by mid June. The timing depends on my line editor because I still have trouble with participles dangling and spell check doesn't always offer the correct spelling.

Beyond this, I am mother to one daughter, now a grammy. I do a little video called “Story Time from Grammy Land” for my granddaughter whose still a little too young to appreciate my efforts but one day...I am sure it will syndicate hahah. 

I enjoy travel and scuba diving. I am an ordained minister (No preaching here) and market a little beach wedding business here in Naples. And of course I love to write.
Colleen McLain